Chase Inspiration

I credit this post to something I read on Brent’s brilliant site, 50 in 50, the premise of which is to create 50 different characters in 50 weeks and post videos of each online. He’s an actor who’s working a desk job, and he wanted to challenge himself to stay fresh and working and creative. He wrote a post in early July, where he says:

“[Inspiration] must be coaxed, lured, enticed, and yes, seduced. Don’t wait for it to come and get you; it doesn’t have a car. You’re going to have to pick her up, and you’re going to have to meet her dad. Work for it. She’s worth it.”

All of which cracked me up. I suggest you read the full post.

But what I find most inspiring about Brent’s work is that, as an actor, I so often feel dependent on others to create the circumstances into which I can arrive and do my creative work. I wait for someone to write a script, produce a play/ film/ tv show/ webisode; for someone to cast me, someone to direct me, …. the list goes on. But Brent goes to the heart of what’s creative and engaging about acting (at least to him), and sets himself a challenge to stay in the game.

This reminds me of an interview I read a while back, about Vera Farmiga. She’s a well-respected yet not well-known actress, who’s been on the cusp of breaking out for sometime now. In the article, she talked about how she lives somewhere removed from the Hollywood fray, and how she gets audition material and puts herself on camera for the parts. And she really creates the role, and delves into them. She’s been known to send herself, on tape, for all kinds of roles. This is something to respect. Here I am, always waiting for something to be offered, instead of going out and creating something.